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TrekOutcast is a non-profit fan website created by Ex-Disqus (The Final Frontier) Channel owners, dedicated to Star Trek, Star Wars, Sci-Fi and Sci-Sci(if that makes any sense to you). We started this website as a place to hang and discuss everything about Star Trek and Star Wars. We will also try to cover all topics and news from the fandom as an alternative to the other fan communities.


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Contributors/TFF Veterans:
(Most valuable members of the TrekOutcast community, this list will be maintained and updated)

Bowjo 🌀  – TFF Veteran
Shannon Smith 🌀  – TFF Veteran
ɐbsoןnʇ ɔןɐnɔʎ ⭐️ – Disqus All Star; 🌀 – TFF Veteran
Epidipnis 🌀  – TFF Veteran
= (^___^) + Mr. Write ⭐️ – Disqus All Star; 🌀 – TFF Veteran

On TrekOutcast we can discuss things that are on topic, off topic, above topic, below topic , but still related to Star Trek, Star Wars and Sci-Fi in general and in compliance with our Community Guidelines.

Enjoy your stay!

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