Community Guidelines

To boldly go where no man has gone before!

Welcome to TrekOutcast

Trek Outcast is a free to use website. Anyone can Start a new discussions like on the (currently discontinued TFF Disqus Channel)
Here are some guidelines if you want to be a part of this community.


1. Stay on Topic

TrekOutcast is a place to discuss Star Trek and Star Wars related things (Canon,non Canon, Fan Films, Tech, Science,Actors, Characters,Books,Everything related, Anything that you can imagine!)

Discussions that are way off-topic will be closed and later deleted. Comments within a discussion may naturally veer in different directions, and this is generally not a problem, however, if the mods feel that the comment chain has reached its limit, we will give a polite notice about being off topic before moderation is used.

1a. You can occasionally post Off Topic discussions, but try to stay on the website’s theme.¬†For Example: Elon Musk’s Space X,New Saturn Images, Scifi Books, Red Dwarf…etc….(you got the point). Please write¬†[Off Topic]¬†tag in the discussion title and tag.

1b. When posting a discussion containing Spoilers please write [SPOILERS] tag in the discussion title and tag. Also feel free to use spoiler tag in the discussion and in the comment area.Example:

<spoiler>Worf likes prune juice</spoiler>
Worf likes prune juice

For More info about Spoiler Etiquette please read this
“How to Not be a D*ck 101: Spoiler Etiquette”¬†
“How to Not be a D*ck 102: Spoiler Etiquette”
“How Not to be a D*ck 103: Spoiler Etiquette”

2. No “1 Word/Sentence Discussions
Discussions containing only 1 Word or sentence will be closed and later deleted. Please Add at least few sentences and appropriate image to the discussion. Example of invalid discussion:


3. No Self-Promotion
“Self-promotion” is an attempt to redirect traffic from TrekOutcast website to your personal blog, Youtube channel, Disqus channel, etc. Self-promotion will not be tolerated. If you are a friend of the community and would like to promote your website, Youtube channel, blog, etc., please ask a mod or owner before doing so.

4. Choose Your Curse Words Wisely
Generally, comments that contain profanity are filtered automatically and held for moderator review before being posted. Depending on the context of the comment, it may be removed. Profanity used to insult, antagonize, or inflame will always be removed.


5. Don’t Be a Jerk
Personal attacks, insults with hostile intent, stalking, harassment, slander, and using offensive speech will not be tolerated. Discussions and comments with the sole purpose of antagonizing or provoking will be removed. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed.

If you don’t agree with another members answer or response, do not start toxic “argument chain” within the comments section,try to have civil discussion instead. Everyone is allowed an opinion, it does not make you nor them any less of a person. Be mindful of what you say and respect those opinions. This is a place for sharing, not judging.

6. No Copying and Pasting
Do not copy and paste someone else’s writing¬†without due credit or notice.
Please provide a link to your sources.

7. No Spam
Spam is the posting of unsolicited messages, generally advertising a product or service. Spam can also be the repeated posting of the same message multiple times. Either form of “spamming” is strictly prohibited. Please note that accounts that post advertising spam will be banned without warning.


8. No trolling 
If you post a deliberately offensive or provocative comment with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them, your post will be deleted. Continue the behavior and you’ll be asked to leave, or get banned.

9. No stalking
If you follow someone to this website from disqus or other online community to continue an argument you’ve had with them on another or to harass them, your post will be deleted. Continue the behavior and you will be asked to leave, or get banned.


10. No sock puppets 
If you try to circumvent a ban by returning with a sock puppet or new account, you will earn an instant ban; no warning needed. Same goes for Impersonation. You may not impersonate others in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

11. Flagging
If you see a rule violation, please flag the comment. Comments that are flagged do not get automatically removed. Instead, flagged comments will be marked for a moderator’s review. Flagging comments allows mods to do their job more efficiently and keep the community running smoothly. Please do not flag a comment just because you disagree. If a comment is flagged for review and it is not violating a rule, the comment will be approved. Note***Moderators can see who flagged the comment!

12. English Only
Discussions and comments posted in languages other than English will be removed. This does not apply if you are using another language to make a point or using it colloquially rather than as primary communication. Klingon, Romulan & Vulcan language is permitted!


13. No Politics

All Politics and Political discussions are banned from this channel.
…Unless the topic is the Internal Affairs of the Klingon High Council, or Romulan Senate.
We are here for Star Trek,Star Wars, Sci-Fi, and not to Discuss about modern Politics…

14. No Religion topics

Do not post Religious content. “Off Topic” Religious discussions are banned from this channel. Religious discussions related to Star Trek and Star Wars are allowed.

15. No Porn & Nudity

While posting cleavage shots of Deanna Troi is just fine ūüėČ
Posting pornographic content in any form or links to pornographic websites and content is strictly prohibited. Users posting porn will be warned , and banned. Content posted will be immediately deleted and reported to Disqus.




16. Sensitive information (updated Apr. 05. 2018)
Don’t post any sensitive information(Phone Numbers, Address, Email, or any other personal information or data). Moderators will remove personal information from posts and channel to protect your privacy, and privacy of other users

17. Have Fun!!
Please take your time to Follow, Share & Recommend Discussions , Thank You!

I. Warnings, Deletions, and Bans.
Generally, you can expect a warning, and a moderator will request that you review the channel rules before any moderation action is taken. Moderation action may be taken at the mods’ discretion if a user persists in violating the channel rules after a warning is given. This may include deletion of comments. Users who continuously violate the channel rules or purposely disrupt the community may be banned from the channel.

II. Appealing Bans.
If you have been banned by a mod, you can request for the ban to be lifted by contacting the channel owner via email at or by contacting any of the moderators on the The Final Frontier Discord server. This is the only form of appeal that will be considered. Discussions started on other channels will not be considered as a request to have your ban lifted. Please be aware that all appeals will be discussed by the entire moderation team before a decision is made.

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