Epic SciFi Opera “Blood Machines” premieres Today!

After a year and half of production involving more than 500 visual effects shots, the movie is finally ready. Inspired by the spirit of the 80’s films and music, BLOOD MACHINES is a 50-minutes science-fiction film written and directed by two French directors, working for more than 10 years under the pseudonym of Seth Ickerman and scored by the legendary synthwave artist ✝Carpenter Brut✝.

BLOOD MACHINES is the sequel of the music video TURBO KILLER, their first collaboration with Carpenter Brut, shot in late 2017.
If you have missed it here is the video:

“Blood machines will follow the story of a Two space hunters are tracking down a machine trying to free itself. After taking it down, they witness a mystical phenomenon: the ghost of a young woman pulls itself out of the machine, as if the spaceship had a soul. Trying to understand the nature of this entity, they start chasing the woman through space…”

The film stars:
Anders Heinrichsen as Vascan, Elisa Lasowski as Corey, Christian Erickson as Lago and Natasha Cashman as Bald.

Here is The latest “Blood Machines” Trailer:

Forget about Star Wars, Forget about Star Trek, Forget about Hollywood and their agendas… even for a “short movie” this is hyped to be one of the best SciFi movies of the decade.
Full internet release will be available soon & also released on TrekOutcast, so stay tuned!

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