Is it over?

We have our Disqopalypse counter running.

Is it over?  Has CBS/Viacom killed the franchise?  There are videos on youtube that paint a bleak picture, driving people like me to heights of joy and sadness at the same time.

I despise what they have done to an icon of my youth.  Thus, the sadness.

I rejoice at seeing them take an economic and social beating for what they have done.  Joy.

Dr. Who, Star Wars, and now the greatest of them all: Trek.¬† All falling prey to the same “Woke before All” mandate from California, London, and other such places.

Not sad; infuriating.

Will the series ever recover?¬† One thing is for sure, any further venture that continues down the “woke” path is sure to fail.¬† Patrick Stewart has destroyed his own legacy.¬† Unlike George Takei, who was a lovable but trivial character, Stewart has poisoned the well for that whole franchise.

At some point someone will re-set a space exploration series, free from the bonds of “woke.”¬† Until that time, we live in our own minds… much like TV and entertainment were before Rodenberry.

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