Is it over?

We have our Disqopalypse counter running.

Is it over?  Has CBS/Viacom killed the franchise?  There are videos on youtube that paint a bleak picture, driving people like me to heights of joy and sadness at the same time.

I despise what they have done to an icon of my youth.  Thus, the sadness.

I rejoice at seeing them take an economic and social beating for what they have done.  Joy.

Dr. Who, Star Wars, and now the greatest of them all: Trek.  All falling prey to the same “Woke before All” mandate from California, London, and other such places.

Not sad; infuriating.

Will the series ever recover?  One thing is for sure, any further venture that continues down the “woke” path is sure to fail.  Patrick Stewart has destroyed his own legacy.  Unlike George Takei, who was a lovable but trivial character, Stewart has poisoned the well for that whole franchise.

At some point someone will re-set a space exploration series, free from the bonds of “woke.”  Until that time, we live in our own minds… much like TV and entertainment were before Rodenberry.

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