Live Long And Prosper

Odd thought while waking up:
“Live Long” is fairly obvious in it’s meaning.

succeed in material terms; be financially successful. “his business prospered”

flourish physically; grow strong and healthy. “areas where gray squirrels cannot prosper”

synonyms: do well, get on well, go well, fare well; thrive, flourish, flower, bloom, blossom, burgeon, grow vigorously, shoot up; boom, expand, spread, pick up, improve, come on; succeed, be successful, make it, do all right for oneself, get ahead, progress, make progress, make headway, advance, get on in the world, go up in the world, arrive, fly high, make one’s mark, make good, become rich, strike gold/oil, be in clover;

So does that mean the Vulcans are materialistic capitalists?
Or does it mean they’re in favor of large families of children?

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