May the books be with you Book Drive

The Twin Suns Foundation opens 2020 with a bang as they donate to not just one, not just two, but three donation locations. Twin Suns are starting off their efforts this year with a bang! Thanks to a successful campaign at the tail end of 2019, they are now aiming to head to THREE hospitals in the month of May to donate Star Wars Legends books.

TSF is a 501 C(3) tax-exempt entity! This means donations made by residents within the United States of America are tax-deductible! Be sure to take advantage of this when you file taxes and are a U.S. resident!

There are as always perks for donating like guest appearing on: A more Civilized Age(where 3-5 Star Wars fans have a general discussion on any Star Wars topic), or the Princes of the Universe podcast, or access to the TSF private discord server.

You can find out more at


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